What Donald Trump Means for America

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The system is rigged, people, he kept saying. However, the rigging has seemingly neglected on Tuesday, when it made Donald Trump the president elect, and again on Wednesday, when his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama openly congratulated him, wished him all success and vowed to get from his way.

The peaceful transfer of power — the fleet counting of votes, recognition of consequences, dignity in defeat — that is the system, and these two strong politicians, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, defended and fortified it through their humility.

“We owe him an open mind as well as the opportunity to direct,” Mrs. Clinton said. Her concession — her valedictory, with its atmosphere of the Clintons leaving the stage — was particularly going for its call to youthful assistants to be resistant despite unavoidable failures, and for its restatement of values that were pulped by the Trump effort: “The American dream is large enough for everyone. For folks of races, and faiths, for women and men, for immigrants, for L.G.B.T. individuals, and individuals with handicaps. For everyone.”

His words were gracious, but had a terrible dimension. He’s, in the end, leaving an eight-year heritage of accomplishments in the control of a guy decided to eliminate them, exactly the same guy who defamed him as an African-born Muslim who’d won the presidency through fraud.

Mr. Obama, heading as ever through example, reminded Americans that democracy needs the “assumption of good faith in our fellow citizens.” Exactly what the nation wants, he explained, is “a feeling of unity, a feeling of inclusion, a regard for our institutions, our lifestyle, rule of law, as well as a regard for every other. I am hoping he keeps that nature throughout this transition.”

They were correct to be gracious. We are able to hope against hope that he’ll lose his effort persona for one befitting a country’s leader.

Itis a odd, distressing scenario for citizens to be in — to recognize the risk of having a rash, unqualified leader, while keeping respect for the office he holds. But we cannot give into panic or despondency. There’s too much to be performed.

There’s a planet to save. Our planet is in danger from a shifting climate however many deniers say otherwise. There could be millions of immigrants to protect from a Trump birthplace-enforcement regime. State and local authorities might have to step in in the event the government escapes from shielding consumers or helping prepare kids. And there could possibly be sick people to take care of, should Mr. Trump dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

All Americans will help in this work, whether as activists or volunteers, or just as neighbors who demonstrate, through reaching out to an individual who looks or worships otherwise than they do, which they reject bigotry, misogyny and anxiety. “We want you to keep up these fights now as well as for the remainder of your lives.”

February 4, 2017