The new Motorola x4 is. What to expect?

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There may not be a second industry as tough as smartphones and tablets. You have Apple and Samsung, and then there is everyone else. So companies like Nokia and Motorola must work twice as hard to release a product that will earn them their share of the pie. That’s why we think Moto X4 should (probably) be your next phone.

Forget pictures, videos and music. Even storage. The time when you could impress customers by offering 3 million colours, polyphonic melodies and ‘mind-blowing’ 8 GB of space are gone. In other words, most smartphone developers already have decent enough technologies to satisfy the average user.

We believe that the time has come for smartphone developers to lead the technological revolution and make it as possible for users to transform their phones into VR devices, projectors, voice-activated assistants and much more.

Let’s look at the new Motorola

First of all, Motorola x4 is rumoured to be released  in late 2017 while an official announcement could happen as soon as on 31 august. That’s days away! And while it’s all mostly rumours now, these are pretty exciting ones as some of the features of moto x4 are quite revolutionary. But first, let’s get to what we know.

Motorola x4 will have a 5.2 inch, Full HD with 424 PPI 3D glass screen. While including a fingerprint sensor is nothing new, a lot depends on how they decide to use it. As it is reported now, you will be able to unlock your phone but also use fingerprint for Google’s pay-as-you-go services.

Possibly, the phone will be water-resistant for up to 30 minutes and will have up to 4 GB RAM as well as up to 64 internal storage. That does sound very nice and we are sure, would satisfy the majority of customers. Not to mention double-flash back camera with 4k recording as well as 12 megapixel front camera.

Maybe not the sexiest, but a useful feature of moto x4 would be it’s charging capabilities. As reported, instead of the standard 3000 MAH battery, Moto x4 should have a 3800 non-removable battery with the quick charge feature. If you use your phone a lot, you probably know the pain of getting to charge it often and understand why this could be a huge step for Motorola.

So, that’s the new Motorola. It’s not the flagship phone but we are pretty certain that Moto x4 will have lots of loyal fans due to its great features and strong core.

August 14, 2017