Bureaucrats Are Fighting Voters for Control of State

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  Just basis I contribution that it is kind of comical is by and large as a multilevel selling break is not something you’ll look forward to the big “DONALD TRUMP ” to venture away into normally as his business ventures he normally set his brand on are on a more of a higher income […]

February 6, 2017


What Donald Trump Means for America

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The system is rigged, people, he kept saying. However, the rigging has seemingly neglected on Tuesday, when it made Donald Trump the president elect, and again on Wednesday, when his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama openly congratulated him, wished him all success and vowed to get from his way. The peaceful transfer of power […]

February 4, 2017


Is Socialism in America’s Future?

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These days, in my opinion, we should ask ourselves a very precise question why are there socialists in America? In this country which has long been immune to socialism’s call, who are all these individuals who now unexpectedly deem themselves socialists? Where did they come from? What do they really mean by socialism? Bernie Sanders’s […]

January 27, 2017

Future of America

Trump, Geopolitics, and America’s Future

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What, exactly, does President elect Donald J. Trump consider? From 1987 until 1999, he was a Republican; that year, he transformed to the almost defunct Reform Party, an obscure Nyc heritage party. Then he became a Democrat from 2001 until 2008, when he changed back to the Republicans again. Meanwhile, just before week, he is […]

January 15, 2017

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