Our right to choose. Or is it?

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I love my country. We all do. That is why I am deeply saddened to say that somewhere along the way, between 1980 and 2017 we went horribly wrong. Instead of taking care of its citizens, politicians nowadays are vouchers for greed and power. And it’s up to us to take the country back. With our votes. Let me say this loud and clear: I have no expectations from politicians. I understand well that everyone has got their agenda. But this? These are not the representatives of their people. These are bullies. Their latest attempt at passing a healthcare bill is the best proof of that. Should you be able to choose? The country is imploding. We always had our differences. That is fine. But what is going on today is nothing my grandfather, father or me have ever seen before. And because of the reasons I mentioned above, I think the only way for us to move forward is to limit the power of the government. Let the people choose and trust we will make the right decision. Here are a few examples.



I personally don’t smoke. I have tried it, though. In any case, this is not about personal choices anymore. The fact that we have privatized prisons, means there will be lobbyists to promote more ways to criminalize what in fact is virtually harmless. Did Colorado explode in crime and violence after they legalized marijuana? Of course not. And the unfair bias against minorities has also been proven long ago. Not to mention that for someone with PTSD, Parkinson’s, chronic pain, etc. the only choices are medical marijuana and opioid addiction. The people should be able to choose and the government has the ability to provide a legal and safe environment by also collecting millions in taxes.

US Online Gaming

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This one I also don’t get. So, it is legal for me to drive 5 minutes to my local casino, get free drinks, gamble, etc. but I can not do that in my own home? Let’s not kid ourselves. In a few days a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor will take place. Also, every year Super Bowl attracts millions of viewers. Whether you support it or not, people will wager billions of dollars on these events alone. Also, During the summer thousands of Americans gather in Las Vegas to play World Series of Poker. We also love progressive jackpots. And yet, the only allowed form of gambling in many states is lottery. Absurd. You know what? At least progressive slots have 92%+ return-to-player ratio. States have the power to make these safe environments and be able to spend the added tax money on healthcare, veterans and education.

These are only two out of many examples where letting people choose is the better option. Enough of controlling. Even someone who was for government control should be able to see that today the control is not for the benefit of the citizens but the profit of the corporations.

August 25, 2017