CPAC and Wayne LaPierre 

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Yesterday was an exciting day for Republicans due to CPAC. Most notably, Wayne LaPierre’s, head of the NRA, speech. But not everyone was excited. Only days have passed since the Parkland School shooting and even the Republicans start to see that hate-filled fear mongering tactics of the NRA are not meant to protect the Americans, but only NRA’s power over politicians.  

LaPierre’s speech 


As you would expect, LaPierre used all the talking points he has used in the past. Instead of looking with a little sense, he continued his pompous rhetoric. ‘2nd Amendment is a God given right to bear arms’ – he said. Just imagine the Founding Fathers and think whether this was what they intended?  

Some were not pompous but plain and blatant lies: ‘On college campuses the Communist Manifesto is one of the most frequently assigned texts.’ Really, Wayne? You are going with communists?  

He really attacked everyone in his speech. From immigrants to Chinese, Mexicans, Obama and everyone in between. Of course, the left got it the hardest.  

‘Liberals are exploiting Florida’. Let’s say liberals are exploiting Florida. Why is that so bad? Why they are so obsessed with the status quo? Does $5 million dollars he earns every year got to do with anything? Fine, let’s all exploit Florida. Let’s use another senseless tragedy to push for change.  

When will enough be enough?  

Where do you stand? 

Democrats and Republicans

Something is very wrong in this country. We are going down a slippery slope after the 2016 election. Never trying to glue back the country, we only extend the divide. Or, people Wayne LaPierre do.  

Democrats and Republicans are the opposing parties but they managed to find common ground in the past. Whether it’s about online gambling (click here to find out more) 

Perhaps you don’t agree? Maybe the fact that nothing changes, the world is making fun of Trump’s America, mass shootings happen on the daily is all fine? Maybe fearmongering works? It’s likely you don’t. In fact, many young voters on both parties do find common ground while the acting elite politicians continue to deepen the divide.

Time to Vote 

We need a voice. Your voice. Don’t forget that mid-term elections are coming and you can already register to vote in some states. This will be a defining moment in the history of America and we can help it back up.  

March 13, 2018